November 4th Update

November 4th Update
Removed the delay between each equipment spawning. Changed the way the server gets recreated when loading back into the main menu. This should fix a lot of bugs and disconnects. The host will now also remain the same. Fixed a bug in the Phasmophobia where VR players wouldn't get teleported back from the dead room. Fixed a bug where the ghost could see you through the Ridgeview door. Removed the voice sensitivity setting as it was breaking non push to talk.


  • Fixed a bug where the VR Smooth Camera would move outside the map when you died.
  • Fixed a bug where some evidence such as Ouija Boards wasn't working for the photos.
  • Potential fix for crashes when loading back to the main menu.
  • Potential fix for save files getting corrupted when you crash or quit.
  • Potential fix for Glowsticks sometimes not giving any light.
  • Fixed a bug where some players were not able to connect to the server since the Halloween update.